Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-2021
Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-2021

Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-2021 (9789750534515)

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FOCUS (Editors: Franco Bianchini - Guy Saez)
• Urban Cultural Policies – Some Notes on the Present and on Possible Futures – Franco Bianchini, Guy
Saez, Enrico Tommarchi
• The Fragile City – Adam Chmielewski
• Human Rights and the City: What Role for Human Rights in the Creative City? – Jonathan Vickery
• Beyoğlu in Istanbul: Whose Story is It? – Asu Aksoy, Kevin Robins
• Investigating the Relationships Between Cultural Heritage and Mega-Events Across Heritage-Rich Cities
in Europe – Davide Ponzini, Zachary Mark Jones
• City Cultural Policies and Participative Governance Models – Milena Dragićević Šešić, Tatjana Nikolić
• The Post ‘Global City’ Syndrome: The Rise and Fall of Culture-Led Urban Regeneration in Valencia –
Enrico Tommarchi
• Reinventing Urban Cultural Policies in the Light of a Culture of Cooperation: The Case of Citizen
Laboratories in Madrid – Raphaël Besson
• Counterculture as a Financial Asset: The Commodification of LX Factory in Lisbon – Leticia Carmo, Luca
Pattaroni, Mischa Piraud
• (Un-)predictable? The Ambiguous Relationship Between Cultural Policy and Urban Planning – Johannes
Crückeberg, Andrea Cederquist, Daniel Gad
• The New Urban Cultural Policy in South Africa: Selected Case Studies – Richard Haines, Casper Lötter
• Rhetoric versus Reality of the Creative City in ASEAN – Phitchakan Chuangchai
OPEN SPACE (Editors: Adil Serhan Şahin, Ayça Bayrak)
• The Case of Hagia Sophia Under “Pious-Authoritarian” Neoliberalism – İsmail Tiryaki
• Art as a Means of Resistance: Case Study Post-Revolutionary Capital Tunis (Tunisia) – Nouhad Khalifa
• Encounters in Naturecultures: A Tour of Infrastructure and Heritage on the New Silk Road – Can Zeren
REVIEW (Editor: Alara Demirel)
• European Capital of Culture: An Instrument for a Future Cultural Policy in Processes of Transformation –
Wolfgang Schneider
• The Urban Aesthetics of Absence – Andrew N. Carpenter
• Who Has a Seat on the Table? Our Lives as Cities Become Uniform… – Funda Şenol Cantek
• Review on the Rome Charter 2020: Interview with Luca Bergamo – Funda Lena, Serhan Ada
• A Review on The Effects of Social Economic Structure on Copyrights – Eda Çataklar
• The Young Researchers Conference on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy,
Istanbul Bilgi University (21-22 August 2020) – Jonathan Vickery
• Transforming Programming Approach with Interdisciplinary Transition and Borrowed Concepts: COVIDin-Residence – Emre Erbirer

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