The Brothers Karamazov
The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov (9789752566033)

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“I don’t understand why the three brothers can’t just be a bit nicer to each other.” 

- Ben, 14

As Dimitry struck him Grigory screamed and fell back, the blood streaming horribly from his head. Dimitry bent over him, trying to stop the flow with his handkerchief which turned soaking red in an instant.

Alexey, Ivan and Dimitry Karamazov were sent away by their father Fyodor when they were very young, and never knew a father’s love. Now what will Dimitry’s bitter quarrel with Fyodor lead to?
Dimitry and his father both want to marry the beautiful Grushenka. Fyodor is old and ugly, but offers her wealth and security. Will she accept either of them, and if so, which?

The sickly, timid servant Smerdyakov confesses to a terrible crime. Is he telling the truth?
Can the deadly rivalry between father and son be settled peacefully, or must it end in tragedy?

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