The Mentor
The Mentor

The Mentor (9786256971042)


From a portrait made by Stattler, after original by Ary Scheffer. 
Greatest of all the Poles, however, is Frédéric François Chopin. While his name is usually printed with the French accents, and the French are inclined to claim him as their own because his father emi-grated from France to Poland, he himself was as thoroughly Polish in all his sympathies as his mother, and there is reason to believe that his paternal ancestors also came originally from Poland. Some of the traits that have endeared his music to all players and listeners—its elegance, its charm, its polished style—make it seem French; but the Poles also are noted for these same qualities; and in other respects Chopin’s mu-sic is as thoroughly and unmistakably Polish as it is an expression of his unique genius.

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