Gulliver's Travels
Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels (9789752566002)

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“It was scary when the giant wasps tried to sting Gulliver, so I’m glad he escaped.” 

- Eleanor, 11

An amazing sight met my eyes. All around me were dozens of human creatures a little less than six inches high, chattering together in high-pitched voices in a strange language.

When Lemuel Gulliver is shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean, it’s the start of a series of adventures stranger than he could possibly have imagined.

After the tiny inhabitants of Lilliput become suspicious of Gulliver, they plan to kill their huge visitor. What deadly scheme do they come up with?

Gulliver makes a friend in the land of the giants – Glumdalclitch, a nine year old girl. Can she protect him from the frightening creatures in Brobdingnag?

Once he has said goodbye to the peculiar scientists in their flying island, Gulliver discovers the fierce and brutal Yahoos. Will he ever return home safely to his wife and family in England?

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