Don't Be Mad At Me
Don't Be Mad At Me

Don't Be Mad At Me (9789751041517)

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Serdar Aslan

Serdar ASLAN was born on October 10, 1971 in Nusaybin. Graduated from Üsküdar Paşakapısı Elementary School in 1982 and Galatasaray High School in 1990. After studying Economics for 2 years at Ankara Bilkent University, he graduated from Istanbul University International Relations Department in 1997. Finally, he completed the Business Administration Master Program (Executive MBA) in Sabancı University in December 2008.

Serdar ASLAN, who started his business life as a shop assistant in the Grand Bazaar in 1989, when he was a high school student; With his university education, he worked at Doğan Bilgili Deri Konfeksiyon, Osmanlı Kuyumcusu and Sezgin Jewelry (SoChic) for 10 years in small and medium-sized companies, the first 6 years of which were as a shop assistant. During this period, he worked for various companies as a Purchasing Consultant with 2-3 week trips from time to time between 1994-1997.

Since then, he has worked in different companies, mainly corporate automotive companies, for a total of 20 years, 1 year in Germany (2004).

The corporate company experience, which started with a specialist position in Uzel Makine Automotive Systems in 1999, continued with the duties of Export Manager and European Regional Manager respectively in the same company. In 2004, he was the general manager of Uzel Gmbh, a subsidiary of Uzel, which is located in Germany.

He joined the Doğan Group in April 2005 and first started to work as the Spare Parts Marketing Sales Manager at Ditaş, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding, and continued as Assistant General Manager 1 year later.

Since January 1, 2010 he has established and been managing Ferdinand Bilstein TR Otomotiv Ltd. A daughter company of Bilstein Group located Germany since 1844 (Ferdinand Bilstein GmBH). Together with Turkey Azerbaijan and İran are countries and markets he is responsible of. 

In addition to these duties; He gives training conferences on Marketing & Sales/Management and Institutionalization to more than 70 companies and/or communities, especially his own customers, and writes articles in various magazines on these topics.

He has been a Board Member of OSS Automotive After Sales Products and Services Association since 2012 and Board Member of FIGIEFA since 2018, whereas on May 24, 2018, for 3 years, FIGIEFA (Federation of European Parts Ball-Tanners), which is the umbrella organization of European automotive parts associations; All delegates were elected to the board of directors unanimously.

Serdar ASLAN is married and has two children. He speaks Turkish and Kurdish as well as English and French at a good level, Italian and Spanish at a moderate level.


Businnes Life


Yes, when I’m talking about this, they become angry; but this is better than going bankrupt of companies or increasing unemployment.

It is a book written in a chatty manner which could be read easily... For employees or/and employers and executives, to improve their works by more sustainable and healthier way; for new executive candidates when they are at the bottom of the ladder, to be more fair executives by the help of hints from the one who followed the same steps; including methods of marketing for consumers.

Whatever their jobs, this book has the atmosphere which could be related with every single worker. The book called “Don't Be Mad at Me!” by Serdar Aslan focuses on institutional world together with marketing areas in a critical manner addresses to variety of people from different backgrounds.

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Don’t Be Mad At Me

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Serdar Aslan


Hasan Basri Başkaya


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