The Power Of Brotherhood Tur(k)urd
The Power Of Brotherhood Tur(k)urd

The Power Of Brotherhood Tur(k)urd (9786258205602)

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The Kurdish question is one of Türkiye's centuries old issues. This issue, whose roots go back to the imperial (empire) period, is a complex problem area with political, economic, ethnic and above all psychological aspects. The issue, which is directly related to Türkiye's becoming introverted and authoritative or opening up and establishing a democratic order on a universal scale, also has an international dimensi- on. No matter what dimension we consider, the current Kurdish problem has become a difficult issue for Türkiye to both maintain and manage.

Türkiye needs to resolve this issue to make its citizens feel equal and first-class citizens, to establish an order at the level of contemporary civilization, and to continue its claims of being a great state. The sensitive point reached by the incident, necessitates the correct management of social psychology and the use of common sense.

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