The Adventures of Ulysses
The Adventures of Ulysses

The Adventures of Ulysses (9786257374248)

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This work is designed as a supplement to the Ad­ventures of Telemachus. It treats of the conduct and sufferings of Ulysses, the father of Telemachus. The picture which it exhibits is that of a brave man stru­ggling with adversity; by a wise use of events, and with an inimitable presence of mind under difficul­ties, forcing out a way for himself through the seve­rest trials to which human life can be exposed; with enemies natural and preternatural surrounding him on all sides. The agents in this tale, besides men and women, are giants, enchanters, sirens: things which denote external force or internal temptations, the twofold danger which a wise fortitude must expect to encounter in its course through this world. The ficti­ons contained in it will be found to comprehend some of the most admired inventions of Grecian mythology.

Basım Ayı/Yılı : 2021
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Sayfa Sayısı : 105
Ağırlık : 105
En / Boy : 14 / 21
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Kağıt Tipi : 2. Hamur
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