Persian Language Learning
Persian Language Learning

Persian Language Learning (9786057623515)

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This book gives you the basic words and phrases you need to speak English to A1 level. It also gives you some important information about how to use these words and phrases correctly in daily life. Vocabulary is offered with pictures. In this book, you will learn how to communicate in a very basic way. This book will teach you how to ask for things yo want, how to ask for permission, how to ask for information, how to say where places are, and much more. You will learn what to say in everyday social situations, how to give directions to places in your city, and how to talk about what you like doing in your spare time. You will also learn how to respond politely.

The language in the book is carefully graded to allow it to be used easily and understandbly. We hope you will be able to practise the dialogues in this book with your classmates or friends. When you have finished, you may want to create new, similar dialogues of your own. There is a strong functional element in this book. There are also many useful words and sentences for students to practise. The ideal way is to begin by doing choral repetition but no matter what way you choose to use the book, it can help your success in learning English.

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Basım Tarihi : 2.2019