Faith in the Laboratory (9786050828771)

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Humanity at the Intersection of Body, Mind and Soul

  • What is the purpose of creation of the world?
  • Can a person simultaneously feel that they are free and also feel that they have surrendered to the existence of a Creator?
  • Is there a Faith Gene?
  • What is the effect of faith on psychological health?
  • Is religion a kind of obsession?
  • How do the mind, body and spirit relate to one another?
  • Where does science intervene with religion?
  • How can religion be evidence-based? What is the physiological and psychological benefits gained through prayer and worship?
  • While modern world counts on science and mind as the sole values and blesses them, the opportunity to remember science on the subject of faith and to draw a line connecting these two has been largely missed.
  • In this book, Dr. Nevzat Tarhan takes a scientific approach to the subject of faith and emphasizes that a sincere faith and religious traditions rooted on it are beneficial for mental health.
  • A must read for academics, counselors, theologians, psychologist and psychiatrists... 

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