Becoming a Productivity Guru
Becoming a Productivity Guru

Becoming a Productivity Guru (9786257407137)

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Currently, I am in Buellton, a small town in the Valley, in California, resting and taking some time off after an intense training schedule in Washington DC, and afterwards, Miami. I am at a beautiful house in the beautiful valley, enjoying the view while writing these words.

I have already written 7 books (they are in my native language, Turkish). Therefore I am not a stranger to writing. However, now focusing on making an international career as a speaker & author, I have decided to write my 8th book in the lingua franca, English.

That is because I am a world citizen and I want to be able to inspire everyone in the world. And delivering your knowledge in English is one of the keys to that.

This book will be on productivity. 

It will not be a book where I will constantly advise you to work hard, long hours, exhaust yourself, die for what you do, and all that. It will not be like one of the motivational Youtube videos where a thick-voiced man yells at you to wake up at 04:00 a.m. every day and hustle all the time.

This book will be about my story and experience on how I am trying to be and remain productive; while at the same time making sure that I am taking care of myself enough.

And I will not tell you to do anything. I will just share what I do and how it works for me. You are free to take whatever you want from my experiences.viii 

I will try to be concise, sincere, to the point, and somewhat entertaining.

This book probably will not be perfect (and maybe it will be far from it). But as a 34-year-old trainer, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and traveler, I will do my best to share everything that I know, to the best of my efforts.

Today is the 27th of July, 2021. I plan to write 1-2 pages every day and get this book done in a maximum of 3-4 months (so the book will be around 120-150 pages).



Chapter 1: About Me

Chapter 2: About You

Chapter 3: About This Book 

Chapter 4: What Is Productivity? 

Chapter 5: Start With Why 

Chapter 6: What Is Success?

Chapter 7: What Do We Need To Do To Be Productive?

Chapter 8: Managing Our Time & Ourselves

Chapter 9: Communication & Expressing Ourselves

Chapter 10: Managing and Embracing Our Stress

Chapter 11: Knowing Ourselves

Chapter 12: Being A World Citizen 

Chapter 13: The Dumbfounded Myth of Happiness 

Chapter 14: About Money and Abundance Mindset 

Chapter 15: The Power of Visualization 

Chapter 16: The Power of Habits 

Chapter 17: The Power of Doing Nothing 

Chapter 18: Is Productivity An End Goal? 

Final Chapter: Your Journey Is Just Beginning 

Final Chapter No 2. On Being Productive (by Guest Authors) 

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