The Sea Gull (9786052073285)

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Chekhov is an intuitive artist with penetrating insights into human nature and ''the nature of illusion, delusion and false opinion.'' In Chekhov's world, there are multiple perspectives, and ''complexity is a synonym for truth.''

NY Times

Chekhov's dramatic form allowed him to present things on the stage "just as complicated and just as simple as  in real life," as he famously wrote. "People are sitting at a table having dinner, that's all, but at the same time their happiness is being created, or their lives are being torn apart."

The Atlantic

Basım Dili : İngilizce
Basım Yeri : İstanbul
Sayfa Sayısı : 73
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Kağıt Cinsi : 2. Hamur
Basım Tarihi : 11.2017